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An Holistic approach to Health

Feeling the best we can is a state we all strive to achieve. But often physical and emotional issues such as pain, inflammation, lack of energy and stress can hold us back. Joannes, combines both his knowledge of Eastern and Western medicine to create a unique holistic approach to assessment and treatment.

In traditional Chinese medicine symptoms are referred to as blockages in our energy flow. With natural interventions such as acupuncture, mobilisation, massage, and other treatments, the energy flow can be restored, and the physical and emotional symptoms can be relieved. This form of holistic treatment addresses the cause of illness (both physical and emotional presentations) as well as looking at specific symptoms. The treatment aims to restore energy flow through our bodies thereby treating symptoms that then allow us to feel healthy and energized.

This will allow us to achieve optimum health and therefore move towards leading a happy and fulfilling life.


Joannes works from clinics in Wellington City and Plimmerton.

Call Joannes on 027 2420 352 for a consultation. 

to discuss how he can help you keep healthy and pain free.


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